The key to the success of our advisory services is engaging with the right parts of your company. Knowledge is scattered widely, and without bringing all key data stakeholders together into a position of consensus, it is very hard to safely manage your data. Asking open questions that lead to useful information, rather than ticking boxes, often leads to findings that directly contradict previous understandings.

Having collected the right data from existing software or reports that you have available, integrating it to un-tap the most valuable information is essential. To do this effectively, and meet your data management needs at scale, we use a specially developed analytics solution called UDAM (Unstructured Data Asset Management), which runs off-prem.

We use UDAM to import and integrate diverse metadata (XLS or CSV report extracts) about your assets and files, and overcome the inevitable use of nicknames / aliases. The metadata can represent any relevant information about the asset, providing an excellent platform upon which UDAM can automatically tag additional data defining attributes based on relative analysis of the metadata, providing deeper and richer insight of your underlying data assets.

We use the UDAM analytics capability to help establish a highly effective, verifiable, executable set of fact based findings, to create:

  • An effective data classification approach to identify files containing sensitive data
  • A defensible remediation approach to identify copies and versions of files to archive or delete