Data MetaMorph helps clients overcome significant challenges experienced with managing their technology assets, by enabling them to access rich fact based asset knowledge held in their own company, often in hard to find, even harder to access Static Data repositories.

We provide an effective and efficient bridge within your company between your key stakeholders representing the business, legal & compliance, support functions and IT. This allows us to assemble asset information to Gain Asset Knowledge for your ultimate objective. In the process we identify where Static Data sits within your organisation to assist with strategic transformation.

We do not supply software tools, because we do not believe that this would give you the greatest benefit. We have developed our software framework to understand the metadata associated with technology assets, and we use this as part of our Integrated Data & Information Analysis (IDIA) service to integrate your data and produce consistent high quality results.

Our software framework has been developed specifically to overcome the absolute certainty that some of your data will be misleading (wrong or out of date), and also to usefully integrate almost all data sources into the findings.

We believe that no other approach exists to effectively integrate & audit Static Data at scale, in a cost effective way, with the ability to update the results periodically at low cost.

Whether you are looking to build a picture for a one time service, risk, or cost optimisation initiative, or looking to either build or audit CMDB data , we believe we are well placed to help you succeed.