Data MetaMorph has set out to help clients overcome the significant challenges experienced with managing their unstructured data assets, by enabling them to obtain rich fact based information to help them get to grips with the critical business file documents that govern the day to day aspects of their company.

We do not supply software tools, because we believe that you are already likely to have many of the necessary tools to tell us what we need to help you.

Instead, we provide an effective and efficient bridge within your company between your key stakeholders representing the business, legal & compliance, support functions and IT. Our approach ensures that whilst providing a highly effective way to understand the valuable business data that is stranded within your unstructured file data, we can also identify significant savings that can be made by the removal of redundant copies and old versions of files, allowing you to effectively self finance the remediation of your data.

The creation and management of electronic files is done by people. Human behaviour is unstructured and results in challenges frequently likely to be faced across all sectors :

  • More copies and versions of your data than you need
  • Increasing number of places data is scattered
  • Limited knowledge of legacy files, related to old processes
  • Increasing costs for storing, backing up, and for e-discovery
  • Inconsistent naming of identical assets by people, reports, inventories and suppliers

Complex spreadsheets are not effective with the scale of the challenge, so many companies accept they don’t have the necessary tools to deal with the problems, and simply keep all data.

With┬áthe introduction of the GDPR and similar global data protection legislation, the increased need to effectively manage your data has reached the point where you simply cannot risk having obsolete data held on your systems … this applies as much to unstructured file data as it does to data held within structured data repositories.